Male descendants from birth to twelve (12) years of age shall be eligible for membership as a Cadet. Participation requirements shall be identical to those of traditional membership, with the following exceptions: Cadets will not hold voting rights, Cadets will not be considered when determining Camp delegates or voting strength, Cadets cannot represent their respective Camp as a delegate at convention, for the purpose of casting votes or determining business, Cadets will not receive a subscription to the “Confederate Veteran” with their paid membership. A separate subscription may be purchased if so desired.

  Initial first year fee is $12.50 which includes first year dues ($10.00) and initial processing fee ($2.50)

Cadet dues shall be ten dollars ($10.00) annually. Cadets shall receive a certificate of membership once requisite dues have been paid. No other rights or privileges shall be bestowed or otherwise construed as being associated with Cadet Membership.


Cadets shall become eligible for full membership, with all rights and privileges, upon attaining twelve (12) years of age. The Cadet shall be entitled to a full swearing in, with all pomp and circumstance associated with becoming a full member.

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